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Name:   Marion B MacKay

Title:  Senior Lecturer

Affiliation:  Massey University, Pukeiti Rhododendron Trust

Email Address:  m.b.mackay@massey.ac.nz

Web Site Address:  

Research Areas of Interest:  conservation biology, horticultural sciences

Research Bio:

Marion is a Senior Lecturer in Horticulture and Environmental Management at Massey University in Manawatu Province in New Zealand and is also a Board member of Pukeiti Rhododendron Trust in Taranaki Province. Over several years Marion has published several papers which show that New Zealand holds a significant ex situ collection of Rhododendron species, and that globally the highest priority for ex situ conservation is Section Schistanthe as that group has the poorest representation in cultivation.  With her co-authors Marion wrote the 2018 Global Update analysis which underpinned the 2018 conservation workshop at Oak Spring Garden in USA and subsequent to the workshop Marion has been involved with the Global Consortium for Rhododendron.  Marion is also project leader for the New Zealand ex situ project (along with the project team of Susan Davies, Graham Smith, Doug Thomson and Andrew Brooker), where we aim to manage the overall resource of Rhododendron accessions in New Zealand collections to best effect for international conservation.

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