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Name:   Ryan N Contreras

Title:  Associate Professor

Affiliation:  Oregon State University

Email Address:  ryan.contreras@oregonstate.edu

Web Site Address:  https://horticulture.oregonstate.edu/users/ryan-contreras

Research Areas of Interest:  genetics and molecular biology, horticultural sciences, pathology, pest management, plant breeding, plant physiology

Research Bio:

Ryan established the Ornamental Plant Breeding Program at Oregon State University, which develops new cultivars of woody shrubs and trees to improve traits such as disease resistance, habit, fragrance, reduced fertility, and much more.  He has developed a diverse program including breeding efforts in nearly 50 genera – a number that continues to grow.  We use fundamental science to support the applied breeding program.  Techniques includes cytogenetics, ploidy manipulation, traditional hybridization, genetics, molecular genetics, and genomics.  The overarching goal is for the research to directly support and enhance the success of nursery producers, landscapers, and consumers while expanding the scientific body of knowledge. 

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