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Name:   Connor F Ryan

Title:  Rhododendron Collections Manager

Affiliation:  Holden Forests and Gardens

Email Address:  cryan@holdenfg.org

Web Site Address:  https://holdenarb.org/researchstaff/connor-ryan-ms/

Research Areas of Interest:  conservation biology, horticultural sciences, pathology, plant breeding

Research Bio:

My research interests are mainly horticultural or at the intersection of horticulture and other fields. Recently this has been ornamental plant breeding and evaluation, ex-situ conservation, and plant propagation. I also am interested surveying plant chromosome numbers and genome size and harnessing these features for improving ornamental plant traits.

At Holden Forests and Gardens, I function mainly in support of internal and external research by curating our Rhododendron collection and managing our David G. Leach Research Station. I also run our Rhododendron breeding program that focuses primarily on adaptive traits such as cold hardiness and resistance to Phytophthora root rot.

I am happy to work with other researchers to help them locate or propagate plants (including making crosses to obtain seeds). If you think Holden can help you out in any way, feel free to reach out.

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