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Name:   Yongpeng Ma

Title:  Doctor

Affiliation:  Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Science

Email Address:  mayongpeng@mail.kib.ac.cn

Web Site Address:  http://sourcedb.kib.cas.cn/zw/zjrc/201707/t20170706_4828936.html

Research Areas of Interest:  conservation biology, evolutionary biology, genetics and molecular biology, horticultural sciences

Research Bio:

My research group is focusing on hybridization and reproductive isolation, taxonomy, conservation as well as breeding of Rhododendron for several years. I have carried out plenty of field works with regard to endangered species covered by the red list. We rediscovered the famous species R. griersonianum that had not been reported again in the recent 70 years. Moreover to resolve conservation issues in-depth for the critically endangered R. griersonianum,we carried out the whole genome sequencing of it and finally get a chromosome level genome. Now I am also working on phylogeny study of Rhododendron distributed in China using NGS.

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