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Name:   Hartwig Schepker

Title:  Doctor

Affiliation:  Stiftung Bremer Rhododendronpark
(Bremen Rhododendronpark Foundation)

Email Address:  schepker@rhododendronpark-bremen.de

Web Site Address:  www.rhododendronparkbremen.de

Research Areas of Interest:  ecology, ethnobotany, horticultural sciences, pest management

Research Bio:

The Bremen Rhoddoendronpark in Germany holds the world's 2nd largest collection of rhododendron species and cultivars. Testing new cultivars has been one of our objectives since its start in 1937. We are also cultivating many rare and endangered species. Due to the large number of cultivars from the early beginnings in 1800 to modern times, we serve as a living museum for the results of 200 years of rhododendron hybridazation.

Currently we are conducting tests to controll the Andromeda Lacebug from Japan, a serious pest in Germany. We have installed new plantings to demonstrate the suitability of new cultivars with superior foliage for modern garden design. We also participate in a project together with the International Jacobs University in Bremen which aims in finding new antiobiotics in rhododendron species.

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