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Name:   Dirk C. Albach

Title:  Prof. Doctor

Affiliation:  Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg

Email Address:  dirk.albach@uol.de

Web Site Address:  http://www.uni-oldenburg.de/en/plant-evol/

Research Areas of Interest:  evolutionary biology, genetics and molecular biology, genomics and bioinformatics

Research Bio:

I am interested in unravelling relationships of Rhododendron species using DNA sequence data to understand the evolution of the genus. For that aim, ploidy level information is a necessary prerequisite. I am especially interested in the evolution of phytochemical compounds (in collaboration with colleagues from the Jacobs University Bremen) since antimicrobial compounds in Rhododendron may be a previously unused resource of antibiotics for humans. A second interest is the evolution of genome size, which may be a factor to consider understanding why some groups diversify and others don´t. I am using flow cytometry, high-throughput sequencing of DNA (e.g., genotype-by-sequencing, Hyb-Seq) and RNA (transcriptomics). I am currently cooperating with the Rhododendron-Park Bremen and nurseries in the northwest of Germany.

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