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Current Initiative Details


Develop collaborative grant proposals to fund research and education in Rhododendron. Led by Juliana Medeiros.

During the August virtual meeting of the R-RN we hosted two panel discussions aimed at identifying collaborative proposal ideas. Currently members of the R-RN are developing two proposal submissions to different programs within the National Science Foundation:

Remote sensing and genetics to speed the discovery of Rhododendron medicinal compounds.
Eric Goolsby (University of Central Florida), Lisa Unico (Edinboro College) and Vanessa Koelling (U. of Alabama at Montgomery).

Research coordination network.
Juliana Medeiros (Holden Arboretum), Jean Burns (Case Western Reserve University), Adam Roddy (Florida International U.).

Create opportunities for communication between researchers and with the public.

Organize in-person and virtual meetings. Led by Juliana Medeiros. We will provide opportunities for researchers

ARS-NG 2022 Spring Convention Poster Session. Promote to the research community.

Virtual Connections Series - Facebook Live Mini-conference. Organize speakers and workshops August 18-20, 2022.

Publish quarterly newsletter. Led by Juliana Medeiros

Revise mailing list. Remove people who have never opened (completed January 2022)

Make posts to social media. Led by Juliana Medeiros w/help from volunteer Moses Brashear

50 posts per year to FB, posts to Twitter as able. Content will include: publication highlights (25 posts); research resources and #FollowFriday (10 places/web pages); researcher profiles including ARS Foundation 2022 research grant recipients (3 posts) and ARS Foundation student conference award recipients (5 posts); event announcements including, seed exchange (1 post), ARS Spring Convention (2 posts), RRN Virtual Connections Series (4 posts)

Publish article in JARS. This article will discuss accomplishments and future on 5-year anniversary of R-RN. Led by Juliana Medeiros with Glen Jamieson.

Maintain and make improvements to the website. Led by Bob Weissman

Update the R-RN website with 2021 accomplishments and current initiatives, revise network governance page. Post 2021 annual report. Maintain as required other R-RN web content.

Create a new page at the R-RN website that provides information about valuable researcher resources available from ARS members, for example the annual ARS seed sale, rhododendron species providers, sources for no-cost or low-cost rhododendron plants, etc.

Add “can we email you” checkbox to all web-based RRN sign up forms.

Create a new page at R-RN website for posting/downloading the various literature database files.

Identify, develop, and maintain research tools and resources.

Maintain Mendeley literature database. Led by Juliana Medeiros

We will add new references from Google Scholar and make backups quarterly and we will seek new volunteers to continue adding JARS and Charles Andrews items.

Prototype Rhododendron trait database. Led by Bob Weissman and Jean Burns

Develop and test a prototype rhododendron trait database using initial data provided by Jean and Juliana. Database will be searchable online at the R-RN website.

Assess governance

Pursue new steering committee members.

Approach Alan Elliot as botanical gardens representative.

Approach Shweta Basnett as International Scientists representative.

Seek someone to fill Valerie Soza's role, expertise in genomics and/or technology.

Discuss governance structure with ARS-BOD and formalize governance transition process.

Consider subsuming RRN under ARS Research Committee, with head of ARS Research Committee Serving dual role Coordinator for the Foundation and Head of RRN.

Request Funding from ARS-BOD. $300 for Loomly social media content management and $300 for pro zoom account.

Submit ARS Pioneer Award nomination(s) for prominent Rhododendron Researcher(s). Note, deadline is December.


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