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Virtual Connections Series 2021 - Registration Form
Summer Meeting: Building Community Partnerships
Deadline for Meeting Registration and Poster Submission:  August 5, 2021

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 * First Name:

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* Email Address: 

* Live Zoom Meeting Schedule: Select the live session that fits your schedule, or you may attend both live sessions.

  Session 1 August 19, 2021
         1pm-4pm PST, Thursday August 19 - Western North American attendees
         4pm-7pm EST, Thursday August 19 - Eastern North American attendees
         9pm-12am BST, Thursday August 19 - United Kingdom attendees
         10pm Thursday August 19 to 1am CET, Friday August 20 - Central European attendees

  Session 1 August 20, 2021
         4am-7am PST, Friday August 20 - Western North American attendees
         7am-10am EST, Friday August 20 - Eastern North American attendees
         2pm-5pm BST, Friday August 20 - United Kingdom attendees
         3pm-6pm CET, Friday August 20 - Central European attendees
         7pm-10pm CST, Friday August 20 - East Asian including Kunming, Sikkim attendees

* Breakout Group Presentation Session: Pick your top three choices.

       Genetics and Evolution
       Ecology and Environment
       Ethnobotany and Medicinal Chemistry
       Horticulture and Conservation
       Pests and Diseases
       No preference

* Poster Submission: I intend to submit a poster presentation to be part of the virtual convention space?


* I would like my poster to be considered for a 15 minute Breakout Group presentation in the live Zoom sessions?


* Virtual Lab Tour Submission: I intend to submit a URL for my public Make: Projects web page to be included in the virtual
   convention space and the highlights section of the live Zoom sessions?


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