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Name:   Matthias S. Ullrich

Title:  Prof. Doctor

Affiliation:  Jacobs University Bremen
Dept. Life Sciences and Chemistry

Email Address:  m.ullrich@jacobs-university.de

Web Site Address:  http://mullrich.user.jacobs-university.de/

Research Areas of Interest:  biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology, medicinal chemistry, pathology

Research Bio:

Our research is focussing on agricultural and marine photosynthetic organisms interacting with heterotrophic microorganisms. From Ocean to Chocolate, from ornamental plants, such as Rhododendron, to oyster pathogens - we are widely interested how higher organisms interact and benefit from bacterial model organisms. We use both, metabolomic and cell-to-cell interaction approaches. Bioactive compounds from Rhododendron are of particular importance. We study secondary metabolites of Rhododendron, their inducibility, and their mode of actions on bacterial cells.


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